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What is Needed to
Be a Pilot
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People always ask me, Bruce,"what is needed to be a pilot"? Good Pilot Training is a MUST!! TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING...First of all, It takes Money . One can expect to pay upwards of $2,000 or way more, depending where you go for the pilot training. There is however an accelerated course that cuts this time in half, at the price of a dinner at "TGIF". HERE .. You have to pass a written test, by federal law before you even get to fly. This course will teach you everything you need to get your pilot license as well the skills needed to be a pilot. Most people do it with-in a months time. WOW.. See for yourself

Pilot Schools are VERY Expensive. The VERY BEST Education needed to be a pilot, By Far is HERE. Literally thousands have learned how to fly a plane using MY aviation training. Some have even gone off to making six figure incomes as a result of this comprehensive course that gives you what is needed to be a pilot.

Don't take my word for it......See What Thousands of others have to say about My pilot training STUDENT TESTIMONIALS

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